Eleni Bertes has worked in legal and business affairs in the film and television for the past fourteen years. She commenced her career in the entertainment sector as legal and business affairs manager at Film Victoria, the Victorian (Australia) government’s film agency. During her tenure with Film Victoria (and then Cinemedia), she oversaw and participated in the contractual negotiations of many Australian productions - ranging from shorts, documentaries, television series,

new media projects and feature films. In 1997 Cinemedia introduced one of the world’s first multimedia grant schemes and

Eleni was instrumental in the development of responsive contractual frameworks to address the new legal challenges created by multimedia projects. For over ten years she was also the Director of the Greek Film Festival, in Australia, which screened contemporary Greek films and presented retrospectives of the work of significant contributors to Greek Cinema.

Upon establishing herself in Greece in 2003, Eleni has worked as a consultant for various industry organizations and practitioners. In 2005, at the bequest of the Ministry of Tourism, Eleni researched and delivered a research report entitled “Scoping the Establishment of a Greek Film Commission Office: A Comparative Study of the Operation of International Film Commissions and their Role in Attracting Foreign (Off Shore) Production & an Examination of the Current Greek Context and Recommendations for the Establishment of a Greek Film Commission Office”. In 2008 she was appointed by the Minister of Culture as a member of the Ministerial Committee for the review of the legal framework regulating Greek film, chaired by Costas Gavras. Subsequent to the submission of the recommendations, she was appointed to the Legislative Committee responsible

for drafting the new legislation for audio visual production in Greece Chaired by Mr. Kladias, Legal Counsel to the State.

Eleni’s production credits include Psyhi Vathia (With Heart And Soul) 2009, written and directed Greece’s imminent director, Pantelis Voulgaris. She is currently developing a slate on new projects by first and second time writers-directors.